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Walter Sedovic Architects believes that form, texture, materials, construction technologies, spatial orientation and relationship to community are reflections of each building’s place in time. It is these attributes that we respect, preserve and restore. Landmarks—even in the midst of change—can remain true to their time while adapting to new needs and uses. It is this celebration of authenticity, while seeking to find balance and symbiosis, that guides all of our work: planning, restoring, designing and implementing.



  • Our firm was created to work solely with historic buildings and within historic settings.

  • We strive for authenticity; not mimicry.We are a close-knit team of skilled specialists with resources and experience able to address virtually any problem encountered.



  • We seek long-term performance, not short-term thinking.

  • The beauty of preserving historic sites is that they live in perpetuity; we often develop solutions lasting 75 years or more, with a level of craftsmanship that mirrors the original building.



  • Preservation is green.

  • We have been pioneers in recognizing the seamless marriage of new green building technologies and the intrinsic properties of most historic sites.

  • Integrating green technologies into historic buildings complements our approach to sensitively upgrading sites for continued new use.




WSA retains & celebrates authenticity, the “patina of time,” with solid principles and incomparable philosophical acuity.


Sustainable Design:

WSA reflects hallmarks of tradition—richness, texture & longevity—tailored to environment, culture, technology, style & budget.



WSA inspires strategic planning & problem solving, creativity & joy in project management and realization.



Established in 1986, Walter Sedovic Architects is—and always has been— dedicated to historic preservation, planning & sustainable design. We strive for a balanced integration of technology and tradition, and we have pioneered the integration of sustainable design practices into all preservation projects, enhancing the intrinsic qualities of heritage sites.


Our resources, experience and focus combine to provide leadership in:


  • Master Planning, Sustainable Building Plans, Feasibility Studies

  • Preservation, Restoration, Stabilization and Contextual Design

  • Construction Administration & Project Management



We solve problems through communication, resourcefulness and intuition. Our diverse, yet single-minded, staff places a high emphasis on project delivery & budget (our track record reveals consistency in meeting clients’ budgets, and an unusually low incidence of construction “change orders” (surprises that can quickly escalate costs).


Our record attests that vision, knowledge and resources—when working in concert—can resolve virtually any challenge that your project may offer.



  • Our working knowledge of the myriad specialized trades within the field of historic preservation, and long-term working relationships with skilled artisans and contractors assure you a better palette of alternatives, accurate pricing & exemplary construction oversight.

  • Establishing a clear and precise philosophical approach for each project allows us to make decisions with consistency and speed.



  • We provide unusually focused attention for our clients. Our record of maintaining many long-term relationships speaks to that.

  • We have a collaborative spirit that can bring excitement, joy and a deeper understanding of your site, and of our work with you.

“Good architecture does not merely hark back to the past…Any great building is the past–an enduring inescapable, present reality. It creates literature, feeding the world with ever more imagination,and growing more potent in its decay than it was in its prime.” –from McKim, Mead & White, Architects, by Leland M. Roth

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