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Columbia University, New York, NY


​​Columbia University has an environmental and fiduciary interest—not to mentioneducational—in maintaining its real estate for the long term.


Walter Sedovic Architects has implemented a vast facade & interior restoration program of 78 buildings throughout the University’s Morningside Heights Campus, managing a palette of features as diverse as this extraordinary neighborhood: from terra cotta to leaded glass to vegetative roofing.



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Hudson Area Association Library, Hudson, NY


Having served since 1818 as an almshouse, insane asylum, residence, orphanage & school, this majestic “Sleeping Lion” has for 40 years been a cultural center for the region as the Hudson Area Association Library.


Walter Sedovic Architects created an ambitious and far-reaching Sustainable Preservation Master Plan, destined through each phase to directly benefit job creation, local economy, education & the environment.



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Ethical Culture Fieldstone School, New York, NY


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