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Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York, NY


​​Far more than an icon of the Eastern Orthodox movement in New York’s Lower East Side, Eldridge Street Synagogue embodies the struggles, aspirations, triumphs & traditions of the immigrant experience.


A mecca for visitors of all faiths, this jewel--rededicated on its 120th birthday and recipient of numerous awards--was restored by Walter Sedovic Architects to meet modern demands while retaining its patina of time.



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Christ Church Bronxville, Bronxville, NY


​​Embracing. Dynamic. Relevant. Timeless. These descriptions are as appropriate for the vibrant life of Christ Church Bronxville as they are for the complex of buildings comprising the Church, designed by Bertram Goodhue.


Walter Sedovic Architects has a deep relationship with CCB, developing sustainable projects that encompass restoration, energy, systems performance, spatial design, courtyard play area, operations & long-term planning.



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Rye Meeting House, Rye, NY


Rye Meeting House, situated alongside the Long Island Sound, is abundant in its representation of heritage, religion, environment, education & community: In short, it is the embodiment of a Sustainable Site.


Walter Sedovic Architects, working with Save America’s Treasures, is catalyzing sustainability far beyond material, space & energy to the richness of archaeology, watershed, indigenous planting, education & civic involvement.



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